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What is Minecraft ?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a non-conclusive game that addresses millions of users in every country of the world and allows you to design 3D designs with millions of people. This game, which does not address any imaginable limitations at all, allows you to do what you want to do. you can do it in this game, you can create wonders.

Markus “Notch” Persson, the founder of this game programmed in Java language. It is a game inspired by certain gaming styles. Minecraft has been continuing its publication on a current basis and has been returning to us by adding a different material to every new day since its release.

What are Minecraft Creatures?

Minecraft has many different creatures in it, connecting with different kinds of creatures, with fear, with comedy-filled scenes and playfulness.
Enderman: Enderman, who has a burning ability, decreases his life when he touches the water. If you kill the enemy, it reduces the Ender İncis.

Rare Dragon: It is a creature that can only be born in the End. There is only one in it and it is not possible to reborn afterwards.

Creeper: In the vote, you are confronted as one of the most annoying creatures. When you see your stomach slowly come to your side and then it explodes and hurts you. If you kill this creature, it lowers your gunpowder.

Spider: It is a creature that comes out as a spider. It drops us down when you are killed. Some spider types harm you when you bit you, and you will see its effect for about 6-15 seconds.

Skeleton: They are the skeletons we know. They ride on the spiders and use them. When they are destroyed they lower the bones.

Golem: A creature that players create on their own. It is created from the palace and the iron block. The Golem, a very powerful creature, will be a powerful weapon against enemies.

Zombie: It is classical zombies that we know. The zombies that go out in the night time of the sacrifice, when they are killed, lower the rotten meat. When some bite, the villagers turn away. The sun is their enemy, so they escape when they see the sun.

Snow Golem: It is a creature that the player creates itself. It is a very strong creature like the golem features. It consists of snowflake and pumpkin. The enemy throws snowballs at the creatures and neutralizes them. This is why we have the most powerful weapons against enemy.

Blaze: Living in the Nether is a living creature. When he sees you, he hurts by flaming. He does something like this to protect Nether.

Zombie Pigman: Blaze lives like Nether in the Nether. When they are destroyed, they reduce rotten meat like normal zombies. They protect Nether. If you attack them, you can attack with zombie pigs.

What are Platforms for Minecraft Playing?

The game has been made ready to work on any platform. It is very successful and problem free.

As Pc: It runs smoothly on different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, Centos.

Android: Minecraft is sold in the android market as Pocket version.

Xbox 360: This game was developed for the gadget in 2012. Arrivals are not limited. Even though there are some limits, it is still possible to play without problems.

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