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TPC Parkour Map Download

TPC Parkour is a huge map filled with different challenges of different themes. Enjoy the different scenery in the map while you ‘parkour’ around! Themes include a large park, a vast desert, a cold snowfield, and even a burning netherworld!


tPC Parkour Map heavily used Command Blocks (especially the /tp commands).

Rules of tPC Parkour Map:

  • Play on PEACEFUL.
  • Do not break or build any objects (including item frame, string, glowstone etc).
  • At some stages there is a SPECIAL RULE, you must obey them.
  • Mods that affect your movement are not allowed (see below for examples)
  • You are allowed to change the time and weather using ‘/time’, ‘/toggledownfall’, and ‘/weather’ commands.
  • Your gamemode must be in Adventure at all times (default).

List of Prohibited Mods:

  • Better Sprint Mod
  • Fly mod
  • Portal Gun mod
  • Smart Moving mod
  • Other mods that affect your movement

Challenges in tPC Parkour Map:




  • Added Challenge 4: Lost Dungeon
  • Added Challenge 20: Lapis Tower
  • Added Challenge 22: Water Factory
  • Added Challenge 23: Orchard Mall
  • Added Challenge 24: Extreme Facility
  • Added Challenge 25: Emerald Facility


Download links for tPC Parkour Map:



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