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Minecraft KrLite Flash Mod (1.21, 1.20.1) – Screenshot Animation

Taking a screenshot in Minecraft is not noticeable, if it wasn’t for the message that appears in the chat. KrLite Flash Mod (1.21, 1.20.1) makes taking screenshots a lot more noticeable by adding an animation to the process. With this mod installed, taking a screenshot will actually cause a frame from your screen to zoom out  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Spawners Plus Mod (1.20.4, 1.20.1) – Crafting Mob Spawners in Survival

Spawners Plus Mod (1.20.4, 1.20.1) allows players to craft Mob Spawners in Survival. Inspired by the craftable Mob Spawners in Origin Realm. Features: Soul Stealing Enchantment – A weapon enchantment that allows mob souls to drop on kill. Mob Souls – Mobs that are naturally found in Mob Spawners only drop their souls in the  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Faded Widgets Mod (1.21, 1.20.1) – Fade Out Transition When Hiding Widgets

Faded Widgets Mod (1.21, 1.20.1) is a simple mod that adds a cool transition effect when hiding on-screen widgets. In the vanilla game, you can press the F1 key to make everything on your screen, the crosshair, hotbar, items in hand, etc, go invisible. This is mostly used when recording or while taking screenshots. When  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Tape Stop Mod (1.20.4, 1.20.1) – Prevent Game Rendering When Not Playing

Minecraft is a resource intensive game. Even if you leave the game window and work on something else, leaving the game running in background, your computer performance will still very much be affected by the game. This is because the game renders stuff even when the game window is running in the background. Tape Stop  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Night Auto Config Mod (1.21, 1.20.6) – Library API

Night Auto Config Mod (1.21, 1.20.6) is a Night Config integration for Auto Config, which is now embedded in the Cloth Config API. This config introduces a “NightConfigSerializer” to satisfy Auto Config’s requirement of a serializer’s implementation. You can choose from all the available config formats of Night Config, and use the serializer just as other  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Thaumcraft Research Patcher Mod (1.12.2) – Add or Modify Thaumcraft Research

Thaumcraft Research Patcher Mod (1.12.2) is an addon for Thaumcraft Mod that allows modpack makers and other advanced users to create and edit Thaumcraft research. New research uses the same format as Thaumcraft Mod does for easy integration. Editing research uses the JSON Patch format for maximum flexibility. Lastly, new research categories can be added, allowing the creation of major overhauls or  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Nether Portal Boom Mod (1.20.4, 1.19.3) – Nether Portals Explode On Lighting

You finally obtained ten blocks of obsidian. You built a 5×4 frame, picked up your flint & steel and right clicked. BOOM! The portal just exploded when you tried to activate it. And it killed you in the process. Certain servers want to prevent players from travelling to the Nether dimension. And to achieve this,  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Chicken Nerf Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) – Chickens Will No Longer Randomly Lay Eggs

Chicken Nerf Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) introduces a new system into the game, which will keep players interested in how Chicken Nerf Mod will change the game’s mechanics. If you are a skilled player who thinks that survival in the Minecraft world is too easy because we can create chicken farms with endless food sources and  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Spontaneous-Replace Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) – A Brand New Adventure Expanded

Spontaneous-Replace Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) adds a full set of alloy equipments,special bow and crossbow, new mob variants and unique features to the Minecraft vanilla. Designed to bring players a better Minecraft playing experience. Features: Brand new Alloy System, Bow, Crossbow Expansion: The new alloy system is expanded from copper and smithing table, filling in more  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Compost Bag Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) – Green Thumb Alert, Composting Simplified

Looking for some hilariously convenient composting in Minecraft? Look no further than the Compost Bag Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) This nifty little utility item lets you turn your unwanted items into nutrient-rich compost on the fly, without the hassle of setting up compost bins. It’s like magic but with rotting vegetables! With the Compost Bag, all  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft DarkZoom Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) – Minecraft’s Ultimate Zooming Experience

Looking to get a closer look at things in Minecraft? Enter the DarkZoom Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1), your ticket to zooming in on the action with just a simple command! This mod keeps it sleek and straightforward, letting you zoom in on any area without the fuss of client-side installations. It’s like having a built-in telescope  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Not Enough Trinket Slots Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) – Break The Limits

Tired of being limited to just a couple of trinkets in Minecraft? Enter Not Enough Trinket Slots Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) (NETS), the mod that breaks the shackles and lets you accessorize to your heart’s content! With it, you can kiss those restrictive slot limits goodbye and deck yourself out in all the bling you desire. This mod  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Random Ring Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) – Unleash Chaos Or Fortune

Looking to add a dash of unpredictability to your Minecraft adventures? Look no further than the Random Ring Mod (1.20.5, 1.20.1) This ingenious creation introduces a single ring that packs a punch with not one, not ten, but a whopping 41 random powers. Talk about a game-changer At the heart of this mod lies the  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft Xenon Mod (1.20.1) – Forge Port of the Sodium Performance Mod

Xenon Mod (1.20.1) is a fork of Embeddium (Forge port of the Sodium performance mod) with improvements, extra options, and new maintainers. This mod is intended to be a replacement that is not hostile to upstream Sodium and contains extra features for modpack developers. Currently, it includes all the extra improvements from Embeddium Extras mod, as well as Reese’s  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft VintageFix Mod (1.12.2) – Improving Load Time and RAM Use

VintageFix Mod (1.12.2) is an optimization mod for Minecraft that focuses on being a more streamlined and effective version of FoamFix. It provides significant memory usage benefits and reduces load time a bit as well. This is accomplished by incorporating modified versions of FerriteCore’s blockstate / model optimizations as well as a more up-to-date and reliable  [ continue reading ]

Minecraft CensoredASM Mod (1.12.2) – Optimize RAM Usage

CensoredASM Mod (1.12.2) is a Minecraft mod designed for optimizing and improving Minecraft FPS. It’s relatively new and not very popular yet, so its real effectiveness hasn’t been fully proven. However, you can try it out in your own game setup, perhaps it will help you save some RAM. Features: Optimize RAM usage. Fixes crashes,  [ continue reading ]

Mycelium Mire Mod (1.19.2) – Overhauling Mushroom Fields Biome

Mycelium Mire Mod (1.19.2) is a mod about overhauling the mushroom fields and adding many challenging bosses and tools. Features: Biome: The mycelium biome is filled with many different mushrooms, and you can find many structures here. In the day, mushroom traders roam around, while Monsters hunt you down at night. Traders: There are two  [ continue reading ]

Actually Addon Mod (1.12.2) – Fixing Lag in Actually Additions

Actually Addon Mod (1.12.2) aims to solve the problem that you need to drop items into the world to automate the atomic reconstructor and therefore potentially cause a lot of lag. Therefore this mod adds a Advanced Reconstructor that can do this action inside it’s internal inventory without needing to create any Entities. Requires: Minecraft  [ continue reading ]

Pam’s Cookables Mod (1.12.2) – Let’s You Bake Your Bread

Pam’s Cookables Mod (1.12.2) adds back the ability to smelt your bread (and more) in the Furnace, just like in the old times of Pam’s Harvestcraft. It adds all the furnace recipes back which were removed in a recent update of Pam’s Harvestcraft. Now you can use this thing again to make all your favorite  [ continue reading ]

Tax’ Gem Legend Mod (1.20.1) – Four New Gem Variants & Their Ores

Tax’ Gem Legend Mod (1.20.1) introduces four new gem types into Minecraft. These are Borax, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz. All four of these gems come with equal specifications in terms of hardness, resistance and rarity. The mod also introduces naturally generated ores that act as the source of these gems. A maximum of one ore  [ continue reading ]