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Fantastic Lib 1.12.2 Download

Fantastic Lib 1.12.2 Download

Fantastic Lib 1.12.2 is a library for laike_endaril’s mods. You only need this if it’s a dependency for another mod you’re running.Or if you want the entity/item/block/etc. lists it automatically outputs into text files, to reference for something (configs/fantasticlib/reference) Mods that require this library: Dynamic Stealth Set Bonus Controlled Burn Mob Spawner Control How to  [ Okumaya Devam ]

Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 18w03b Download

Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 18w03b brings some performance boosts for data pack loading & command execution. Updated the horse model again, applied new translations from crowdin, improved performance of command parsing & data pack loading and improved performance of command execution. Screenshots: How to install: To get snapshots, open your launcher and go to the “launch  [ Okumaya Devam ]

Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 18w02a Download

Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 18w02a brings some new improvements to the /execute command and a bunch of bug fixes. This snapshot allows us to customize what blocks enderman can pick up. Features: Added new block tag minecraft:enderman_holdable Changed translation files from .lang (key=value) to .json (“key”: “value”) Errors during a command are now a nicer error message (with  [ Okumaya Devam ]

Dimensional Doors Mod 1.12.2 Download

Dimensional Doors Mod 1.12.2 adds several types of “Dimensional” Doors that allow access to teleportation and extra-dimensional pocket dungeons that can vary from hallways to mazes to treasure rooms to straight up traps. Have fun exploring, but be wary of death or falling into the void as you do not want to end up and  [ Okumaya Devam ]

Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 17w43b Download

Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot 17w43b will be a technical improvement update, intending to both make the game run better for users, and to make it easier for us to add new things in the future. Features: Data Packs Usage & Installation A data pack can either be a zip file or directory inside <world>/datapacks/. For example, both of these are completely  [ Okumaya Devam ]

Minecraft 1.12.2 Download

Minecraft 1.12.2 Download

Minecraft 1.12.2 is an update for Minecraft: Java Edition released on September 18, 2017. A security update for Minecraft Java Edition, including a new logo.   Bug Fixes: Standing in a nether portal and opening a chest will render the chest open until another chest is opened. Hoppers occasionally duplicate items (within chunks). Ender Pearling  [ Okumaya Devam ]