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Emerald Puzzle Map Download

Emerald Puzzle Map is filled with fun mazes, parkour, search and finds, carnival games, you name it! The map also features a score system. There are hidden chests hidden allover the map filled with emeralds! Collect as many of those to find out your score. There are tons of puzzles awaiting you! Good luck, mate!



  • 1.You may only break clay blocks
  • 2. You may open furnaces, chests, dispensers, and sometimes crafting benches when told
  • 3. You may only place levers on emerald ore.
  • 4. Play on peaceful.
  • 5.You may explode the map after your done with it.
  • 6. Collect as many emeralds as possible, and have fun!

Emerald Puzzle Map Screenshots:

Stage 1: Get out of the room. Pretty self explanatory, get out of the room


Stage 2: Pick the correct lever. Simple, pick the correct lever that opens something. Tip: Try to hit all the lever down…


Stage 3: Snowball of truth. Throw the snow balls into the holes to activate the next room


Stage 4: Racing. Run as fast as you can! When the tripwire activates, RUN!


Stage 5: Archery practice, Knock the paintings down, theres 2 parts into this



Stage 6: Parkour! you know it!


Stage 7: Maze O’ Doom! Just  a maze that has hidden emeralds in it, and a lever too.

Stage 8: Pig toss. Fish the pigs into the hole! (Inspired by Minecraft Fishy Fish mini-game)


Stage 9: Find chest that contain levers.


Stage 10: Cacti trouble


Stage 11: MOOOO!


Emerald Puzzle Map Installation:

  • Download the map
  • Type in the start button and the R at the same time
  • Type in %Appdata%
  • Find .minecraft, and in there, find .minecraft
  • Open the saves folder, and drag the map folder in there
  • DONE!

Download links for Emerald Puzzle Map:



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