20 August 2022

Mob Armor Mod 1.8.9/1.7.10 adds in armor that turns you into mobs and gives you their abilities. This mod allows you to gain armor that can be used to transform into mobs. When you have a full set of armor you gain special abilities that are very helpful. Some of them even have powerful weapons.

Mob Armor Mod



  • Zombie Armor – cratable
  • Steve Armor – no craft yet
  • Herobrine Armor – no craft yet/only head but it requires other part’s of one set, to have to complete set! – you can fly!
  • Villager Armor – craftable
  • Zombie Villager Armor – craftable
  • Zombie Pigman Armor – craftable
  • Skeleton Armor – craftable
  • Wither Skeleton Armor – craftable
  • Enderman Armor – craftable
  • Blaze Armor – craftable- you can fly!
  • Iron Golem Armor – will be as reward in dungeon chests in future update
  • Obsidian Golem Armor – no craft yet, your step size is 2, while you have armour on
  • Creeper Armor – craftable
  • Ice Blaze Armor – craftable – you can fly!
  • Skeleton Paws Armor – will not have crafting recipe, only otbained by drop!
  • Ender Dragon Armor – no craft yet – you can fly!
  • Witch King’s Armor – craftable, another powerfull armor
  • Infernal Armor – no craft yet – the best armor in the game, for now


  • Iron Smacker – 12 damage, 1000 uses – craftable!
  • Blaze Slasher – 4 damage, 1000 uses – craftable!
  • Flesh Cutter – 7 damage, 1000 uses – no craft yet
  • Steve’s Diamond Sword – 7 damage, 1000 uses – no craft yet
  • Pigman’s Sword – 7 damage, 1000 uses – craftable!
  • Wither Sword – 4 damage,1000 uses – no craft yet
  • Diamond Smacker – 12damage,1000 uses – craftable!
  • Emerald Smacker – 15 damage, 1000uses – craftable!
  • Obsidian Smacker – 18 damage, 1000 uses – ?
  • Dragon Sword – 5 damage, 1000 uses – no craft yet
  • Dragon Overlords Hammer – 150damage, 3500 uses – no craft yet
  • Bone Sword – 9damage,2100 uses – no craft , only drop from skeleton king
  • Flame Bone Sword – 9damage,2100 uses, no craft, only drop on rare ocasion from skeleton king
  • Bo Sword – 10damage,1200 uses – no craft yet, main weapon of villager archer
  • Blaze Hammer – 19damage,3000 uses, no craft yet
  • Blaze Bow – 7/15damage,1200 uses, craftable, with 3 diamonds and blaze rods! ?
  • Candy Cane – 22damage, 3000 uses, main weapon of skeleton paws
  • Blaze Arrows – craftable, gonna be uploaded to wiki soon!
  • Blaze Bomb – craftable, gonna be uploaded to wiki soon !, explodes only if mob griefing is = true, but if else, will not damage terrain only create fire! ?
  • Ice Slasher – 1200 uses, now craftable!
  • Infernal Blade – 5000 uses, 12damage, no craft yet
  • Infernal Beast Blade – 7000 uses, 40damagem no craft yet
  • Darkness Sword – 3000 uses, 12damage, some deadly effects! & is craftable!


  • Steve’s Pickaxe – 1000 uses, no craft yet
  • Blaze’s Pickaxe – 1000 uses, no craft yet


  • Bob The Zombie Overlord – 120hp, 7-12damage, wielding flesh cutter, 25damage absorption, on attack gives poison – no spawn yet
  • Jack The Pigman King – 130hp, 6-14damage, wielding pigmans sword, 25damage absorption, on attack knocks you back – no spawn yet
  • Felix The Skeleton King – 145hp,4-20damage,wielding bone blade, 25damage absorption, on attack, slows you down, if wields flame bone blade sets you on fire – no spawn yet
  • Skeleton Paws – 290hp, 12-20damage, wielding candy cane, 50 damage absorption, is same as skeleton king, but 2x stronger and faster then him and is more annoying in couple of ways :p
  • Santa Claws – 100hp , 10-12 damage(30damage to unarmored units!), can steal any passive effect that target has, has bonus 50 damage absorption, has a 25% chance to cast frost effect on target, that will deal 2hearts of damage, per tick, while active.
  • Witch King – 120hp, 7-20damage,no weapon has 5 unique abillitites
    • 1.When on fire strikes lightning at enemies
    • 2.Shoots wither skulls + fireballs
    • 3.on death does devastating explosion + lightning strike attack
    • 4.catches enemies into the web, when activates on them weakness or slowness
    • 5.gives blindness, poison and wither effect on contact!
  • Villager Zombie Overlord – 60hp, 5-10damage,wielding diamond sword, 25damage absorption, is a mix of villager guard and zombie overlord!
  • Blaze Knight – 80hp, 11-18damage, wielding blaze slasher, no damage absorption, but high speed & defence, when is hit into air, will fly down
  • Ender Knight – 80hp, 9damage, wielding diamond sword, crazy teleportation skills
  • Ice Blaze Knight – 80hp, 11-18damage, wielding ice slasher, no damage absorption, but high speed & defence, when is hit into air, will fly down
  • Herobrine – 300hp, 15-20damage, wielding diamond sword, no damage absorption, simple powerfull mini boss
  • Infernus The Beast Lord – 1000hp, 45damage, wielding infernal blade, first and most powerfull mob in the mod! really a challange, and is huge!
  • Creeper King – 150hp, 15damage, wielding gun powder lol :p, on attack makes target explode, on death deals big explosion as if he was mutant creeper
  • Skeleton Wizard – 150hp, shoots, fire, wither and lightning spells at hi’s enemies
  • Pigman Wizard – 100hp, shoots wind and fire spells at hi’s enemies
  • Mr Boom – 200hp, dangerous small wizard, who shoots deadly exploding snowballs enchanted with magic, those can cut thru any armor, on hit, basicly like harming potion, armor will not protect you from hi’s deadly exploding attacks, but make sure, not let him get strike by lightning!!!


  • Villager Guard – 40hp + 60damage absoprion, 7-12damage, wielding iron sword, carries many swords with him and uses them when needed most!
  • Iron Hulk – 350hp + 10 damage absorption, 7-20damage, wielding iron smacker , basicly is baby iron golem !
  • Purpurite Hulk – 420hp + 15damage, is same as iron hulk, but with boosted stats and stronger attack
  • Diamond Hulk – 420hp + 15damage, is same as iron hulk, but with boosted stats and stronger attack
  • Emerald Hulk – 450hp + 18damage, is same as diamond hulk, but with boosted stats and stronger attack
  • Obsidian Hulk – 600hp + 18damage, is same as emerald hulk, but with boosted stats and stronger attack, sets enemies on fire
  • Villager Archer – 40hp + 60damage absorption, long ranged 4-10damage, wielding bow, but when is in close combat hits you with iron sword, shoots from long range, is basicly another variation of Villager guard aka Papa Trayaurus
  • Dragon Overlord – 2500hp + 50 damage absorption, 150-750 damage, wielding dragon hammer, deadleast mob from this mod, can deal upto 750 damage, only if enemy is immune to fire, otherwise will deal 150-300damage, has 100% armor, that will protect him from a lot of damage, up to 1000 damage, that will turn in to 20-30damage, sets enemies on fire and gives weakness and blindness on attack


Mob Armor Mod Screenshots 1

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How to install:

  1. Make sure you have already installed Minecraft Forge.
  2. Locate the minecraft application folder.
    • On windows open Run from the start menu, type %appdata% and click Run.
    • On mac open finder, hold down ALT and click Go then Library in the top menu bar. Open the folder Application Support and look for Minecraft.
  3. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder.
  4. When you launch Minecraft and click the mods button you should now see the mod is installed.

Mob Armor Mod 1.8.9/1.7.10 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.8.9

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2