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Drounard Mynd Map

Story: Drounard Mynd used to be the thriving centre of the nation, a land that wiped out towns, cities, and even full countries right off the face of the earth. A town that dominated. But that was 4 centuries ago, now, it is nothing more than a frozen wasteland. All the citizens, the animals, the plants, they all died, frozen to death, all but one. One man was able to sustain  life, one man was able to fend for himself. The dead inhabitants, the Gwynn’ had created a fort that would be impenetrable, they built beautiful towns all across their nation, towns that they hoped would develop into thriving cities, towns, that soon became abandoned. It is your destiny, to live on, your destiny to create a new civilization, a civilization that will make the Gwynn’ forgotten in the minds of the old and the dying.


Fend off your enemies, monsters, and even the threat of nature, because today, is your time, today is the today you make yourself count, today is the day that you become a man of power.

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